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USA Softball of Texas

Texas ASA Youth Softball

Texas ASA annually registers more than 4,000 youth teams throught the state of Texas. Many leagues and tournaments are available for teams to participate.

Contact your local District to find information on how to register your team and start playing soon!

Texas ASA JO Softball offers participation in the following age groups: 6/u, 8/u,10/u,12/u,14/u,16/u,18/u. Teams are classified either A or B or C by their district commissioners.

Teams may qualify and can advance from their local league play to District, State and National Championships. Please click here or go to the home page for a complete tournament list and flow charts. For information about team registration, contact your local ASA District and youth Commissioner.

Each JO Championship Play Team must have at least one ACE Certified coach within the field of play/dugout, and all assistants in the dugout must have an ASA background check, in order to participate in championship play. It is highly recommended that all coaches associated with JO teams complete the ACE Certification program, which includes a background check.

Click here for more youth championship information in the ASA Code.

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